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Sumpin' Sumpin'

Sumpin' Sumpin' - Carolina Reaper

Sumpin' Sumpin' - Carolina Reaper

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You asked for it, here it is! Be prepared, this is not some wussie blend that claims it's hot and fails to deliver. This is pure Puckerbutt® Carolina Reaper sensation that packs the heat but leaves you with that lingering Sumpin' Sumpin' taste you already enjoy. Most hot sauces and reaper spice blends just blind you with pain, Sumpin' Sumpin' Carolina Reaper gives you flavor and heat, the best of both worlds. You already know Sumpin' Sumpin' as the All-Natural, All-Purpose spice blend that enhances the flavor of anything you put it on, you use it instead of salt and pepper. Now use Sumpin' Sumpin' Carolina Reaper instead of salt, pepper and hot sauce! The heat smacks you in the face, the flavor takes you home.





No Preservatives

Freaking Hot

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