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Sumpin' Sumpin'

Sumpin' Sumpin' - 10-PACK

Sumpin' Sumpin' - 10-PACK

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No better way to treat your friends than to give them the gift of Sumpin' Sumpin' -- the All-Natural, All-Purpose spice blend that enhances the flavor of anything you put it on. This pack of 10 bottles lets you throw a little Sumpin' Sumpin' on burgers, steaks, seafood, lamb, vegetables, potatoes, eggs but also lets you throw some on your friend's burgers, steaks, seafood, lamb, vegetables, potatoes, eggs. Sumpin' Sumpin' works on everything. Put a Sumpin' Sumpin' rim on your Bloody Mary! It's amazing on corn on the cob. Use it instead of salt and pepper. With 10 bottles ... whatever it is, put some Sumpin' Sumpin' on it!





No Preservatives

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